Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019
engineered enzymes for better healthcare

science-behind-research-and-development-150-smallEnzolve Technologies is an innovative, research-driven company utilizing its expertise in enzyme technology for a variety of specialist applications.

  • Enzolve develops and manufactures specially-designed enzymes for applications in healthcare, fine chemicals and life sciences markets.
  • Based on proprietary engineered enzymes Enzolve creates, develops and commercialises unique platform technologies and enzyme-based speciality products for clinical diagnostics and asymmetric synthesis. At the core of this development is the NeoScreenPak, a suite of tests for screening of babies for 7 out of the 11 most commonly screened inherited disorders.
  • Enzolve offers novel solutions for better visualisation of proteins following electrophoresis.
  • Enzolve also offers the provision of expert contract research services to assist companies or organisations with enzyme–related issues.


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